A NEW DAY // abstract drawing series

As I already told you on Instagram a couple of days ago, I am having the feeling of being stuck lately. And not because of social distancing. I had that feeling before like my creativity went on vacation and didn’t take me with it. So, I try to get inspired by reading, enjoying the garden and taking photographs of every little new flower that is growing overnight. Slowly nature‘s creativity is inspiring me to try new things, or let new things happen! I tried some new brushes in Procreate and just wanted to delete this one scribbled line. But then decided to make something out if this line. The result is these three new abstract drawings called A NEW DAY.

Also, I am super excited to let you know that these three drawings will be available in my brand new Etsy shop for printable art! Printable art is a huge thing now! You can either print them at home with your own printer or use an online print service. Printable art is a new way to instantly decorate your home even if you are on a budget. So, I present you with my new series A NEW DAY. The light blue is the day, the orange the rising sun and the purple is the darkness. I thought of that after I finished them because actually they were just brush and color tests! Just click the images to learn more about the instant download. If you would rather buy the printed artworks, head over to my Society6 shop. Also, check out my other abstract series MOTHER EARTH.

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