Art Catalogue Spring 2020

This is my new art catalogue Spring 2020. In this catalogue you will find all my artworks that are currently available for sale. They are categorized in series.

Now, you can download my catalogue here for free. If you are interested in buying or selling my art, please contact me.

Or you can flip through it on Issuu. Feel free to share it with your friends and collegues. I would also love it to see you on my Instagram account.

Download for free
Art Catalogue Spring/Summer 2020 //

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    I am a curious, open-minded, daydreaming and chaos embracing wife, mother and girl boss. Also, I love to see different cultures, learn new things, encounter new challenges, mixing old and new things and drink a glass of good wine with my friends every now and then. I am severely addicted to coffee, Pinterest, and to-do-lists.

    By creating illustrations, I support brands, magazines, and small business owners to express their ideas and visualize projects, products or articles. I particularly specialize in fashion or beauty illustration, editorial illustration, and minimalist art. Check out my art catalogue Spring 2020. Please contact me if you are interested in buying or selling my art. If you need illustrations for your brand or magazine, please contact me for pricing and consulting purposes.

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