Artist Project Planner //

Artist project planner

Staying organized while being creative is not always easy. Personally I am trying to avoid taking notes on paper because I tend to loose the notes on my desk. For a couple of years now I am using an app for taking notes on my iPad. With most of the note taking apps you can also import your own templates. As a freelance illustrator I am working on several projects and commissions at the same time. In order to keep track of all the project details I started to take them down in my digital notebook. That’s when I thought it would be much more easier to have a template you can use with all the important information and enough space to write down notes and details. I needed an artist project planner.

So here is my first template of my artist planner. This page is a project or commission planner. You can write down a title or a working title at the top of the page. The next part is for all the information you get from your client, for example an overall project description, the format or size and commission and license. Then you have enough room to write down your own ideas and inspiration for that project. On the second page you can take down edit notes and the third one is for ideas and first sketches.

Artist Project Planner //
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Buy my planner for 6$ or 5,95€ on Etsy or Creative Market. More information and detail shots of my artist project planner below.

How to use the artist project planner

If you want to use the planner digitally you can use a note taking app. I like to use Good Notes. If you import the PDF as a template you can easily add new pages of the planner. Then you can organize them into different notebooks and categories. But you can also use ProCreate or Adobe Sketch to use the planners. If you don’t want to use it digitally you can also print the PDF or JPG and either archive it into a binder or even add them to your paper notebook.

And I am glad to inform you that more useful pages i.e. client management and social media management are being published very soon! Just sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know!

Artist Project Planner //

Artist Project Planner //

Artist Project Planner //

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