Beautiful Things Spring 2018 //

Beautiful things // Spring 2018

Spring is just around the corner! I am so looking forward to seeing the first magnolia blossoms on our street. A few days ago the buds were still covered in snow. I love to see the first green leaves appearing on the trees and bushes. It is such a vibrant and fresh green. You can hear the birds singing in the morning while you wake up. It seems that the entire nature is alive again. Everything is beautiful and I only see beautiful things, even on the internet. Here are some of the beautiful things spring 2018 edition that put me in a spring mood. This post’s theme is all green, fresh, healthy, flowery, botanical and colorful!

beautiful things spring 2018 //

The Green Gallery

The first one is the Green Gallery, an online magazine about flowers! The latest issue No. 9 is absolutely amazing! You have to read the article about historic beauty. The layout and design are modern and simply elegant. In addition to that, you can install their Green Screen Ad Blocker which replaces ads on any site with beautiful flower photography.

The Botanical Post

Some of the same creative people of The Green Gallery also cooperated with Herz&Blut to publish a very limited print magazine called The Botanical Post. I was lucky enough to win the special edition in a recent Instagram Challenge. Luckily I learned that they decided to continue this magazine. It is so beautifully designed and an absolute eye candy for everyone who loves plants.

beautiful things spring 2018 //
beutiful things spring 2018 //
beutiful things spring 2018 //

Dirndl by Fuchsdeifeswuid

If you still don’t know about my love for dirndls, here is a short explanation. I grew up in Bavaria and founded Dirndl Magazine and co-founded FESCH online. The magazine isn’t active anymore but FESCH online is an online magazine and platform on authentic alpine lifestyle and fashion. I especially love simple and elegant dirndls with a vintage or historic touch made of high-quality textiles. And last week I instantly fell in love with a new dirndl by the newcomer label Fuchsdeifeswuid (pronounce: fooks-di-fees-woo-eed, meaning: extremely mad). The bodice is made of emerald green corduroy with a peplum on the back. The skirt is light blue with a traditional flower pattern. The light green apron is closed on the back with a silver jewelry buckle.

Opposite to cheap tourist versions of dirndls for 50€, a quality dirndl is sewn in a special way. You can adjust it quite easy to make it smaller or wider afterward. If you are planning to visit Munich always consider buying a high-quality dirndl. Even if it is quite an investment, you will enjoy wearing it for a very long time! You can search for a label you like in advance. There are a lot of modern newcomer-labels on FESCH online (1, 2, 3) to discover.

My recent work

And I have been busy lately with some really interesting and inspiring projects. A few weeks ago I draw three illustrations called Naked for a contest and now I am not sure what to do with them. I love the colors and the fruit theme. I probably will make them available as postcards and stationery cards.

For the startup cosmetic label Ladyganics, I created three illustrations for their product line. The illustrations are very basic with some color, usually the color of the product.

My newest artwork has been on my mind for years now. I am glad I finally started it. It is the first one of a series about my hometown Munich. It shows popular symbols of the city. You can buy the art print exclusively on ArtboxONE.

If you like my illustrations and are planning to use illustrations for your campaign, you can contact me for pricing details. I am currently open for commission.


Images: The Green Gallery / Fuchsdeifeswuid
Featured image: Nadine Batista (soon available as stationery cards)

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