Exciting news! My first E-book „How to use illustrations for your brand“ is almost ready and coming very soon! The detailed guide for business owners will be launched this spring!

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Stand out

Do you own a small business and want to stand out? Or do you need content for your storytelling? Do you pay attention to details when it comes to your brand? Then I can tell you, illustrations are the answer and the key to boost your business. They elevate your branding and content.

Why illustrations?

Just open any book or magazine you got at home or in the office. As important as well written text is, photography and illustration enhance the first impression and the reader’s experience of anything. Illustrations create a diversity in your planned content and are visually appealing.

Why hire a professional illustrator?

There are a lot of stock sites that provide millions of illustrations you can buy for your every need. However, chances are high that other brands, maybe even similar brands to yours, use the same stock illustrations. A professional illustrator takes all your ideas and wishes into consideration and creates a perfectly fitting illustration for your brand. You get exclusive illustrations tailored to your business that nobody else is using.

How to use illustrations?

You already have a finished branding and fitting photography and have no idea how to use illustrations? For example you can add them to your business cards, flyers, brochures, stationery, your website, newsletter layout or social media accounts. Here are some examples.

Do you still have questions about illustrations for your brand. Or need some ideas? You can browse my Pinterest Account for inspiration. Contact me and let’s talk about how we can elevate your brand with illustrations!