How can I use your digital notebooks?

You can use my notebooks either digitally or print them. If you want to use the notebook digitally you can use a note-taking app. I like to use Good Notes but there are a lot of them that all work in a similar way. If you import the PDF as a notebook you can easily copy as many of the talk and symposium pages as you need. In some note-taking apps, you can import single pages as a template to have more options like for example line height settings.

What apps can I use with your notebooks?

Basically, you can use my notebooks in all note-taking apps that allow importing your own paper templates. Here is a table with all free and purchased apps I tested with my notebooks. If you use an app I haven’t tested yet, just drop me a line and I will let you know if it’s working.




Import JPGs as background to write on



Use full PDF or import JPGs as template




Import JPGs as image layer and use a drawing layer to write



Import JPGs to write on



Import JPGs as image to write on

Currently testing with: Tayasui Sketches, Notes Plus and Notability. Apps that don’t work at the moment: Moleskine and INKredible (don’t allow importing own templates), Bear Writer (doesn’t allow to write on images or import templates).

I don’t have a tablet, can I still use your notebooks?

Yes! I don’t want to force you to buy an expensive tablet and apps. So, if you’d love to buy my notebooks and can not use it digitally, you can still print the templates and use it as a paper workbook.

If you don’t want to use it digitally you can also print the PDF or JPG and either combine them into a binder or even add them to your paper notebook. You can print as many of the talk and symposium pages as you need.

Can I pass the notebook on to my friends?

No, please consider that I am creating the layout and all including artwork in my spare time and it takes a lot of work. The products and freebies on this site are for your personal use (you and your immediate family) only and are NOT for redistribution or resale! If your friends like my products, please tell them about my website, the link is on the back cover of every notebook.

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