WEEKLY MEETINGS // complete digital notebook

WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de
WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de

Now, the WEEKLY MEETING // complete digital notebook is available for purchase. I designed them especially for GoodNotes but the templates can also be used with similar note-taking apps. The template pages are developed, designed and elaborately tested by me. Each template is included ONCE in the downloaded file and can be duplicated infinitely in the digital format.

NOTE FOR GOODNOTES USERS: Import the page as a template and set the line-height to 30pt. This template also works with the new GoodNotes 5, however, the line-height setting feature is still missing in this GoodNotes update.

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WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de


A clean and moder cover designed in minimalist style and brush work in the background.

WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de

Life & Ministry

Note templates for the life & ministry weekly meeting. One highlight page for all three sections of the meeting and three templates for detailed notes of each section of the life & ministry meeting.

Public talk & WT study

Note templates for the weekend meeting. One note template for the public talk and one template for the Watchtower study.

WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de

Assignment planner & notes

BONUS: the assignment planner and a basic note template are included in this bundle.

How does it work?

WEEKLY MEETING // nadinebatista.de

Basically, you can use my notebooks in all note-taking apps that allow importing your own templates. Although I design templates and notebooks especially for the use with GoodNotes, I have tested them with several apps. They work just fine with note-taking apps like NotabilityTayasui Memopad (free) and some sketching apps like ProCreateTayasui SketchesAdobe Sketch (free) and Paper 53 (free).

If you’d love to buy my notebooks and can not use them digitally, you can still print the templates and use them as a paper workbook.

In case you need assistance in the use of these templates, please check my USER GUIDE for digital notebooks. If you have further questions, just send me an email.


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