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Year Text 2019

YEARTEXT 19 // nadinebatista.de

The new year text for 2019 is a very special one for me and my family. My family and I are experiencing big changes in our lives this summer and we are all excited and scared at the same time. So, I am very happy with this year’s text. And, I want to share my hand-lettered year text with all of you!

I prepared a light version with red lettering on a very light blush background. In addition to that, I also created a little less girly version with white lettering on a dark grey background. I also made it into different formats so you can use it either digitally or as a printable.

This hand-lettered year text is entirely free for your personal use and you don’t have to credit me when used in social media. I would be extremely happy if you would still mention where you got the freebie from. Either with my website (nadinebatista.de/jw) or tag my account on Instagram. But this is up to you!

Digital Use

The formats for digital use include the 16:9 laptop wallpaper, the 3:4 tablet screen background and the 9:16 story or phone background. All formats are available in light and dark version.

YEARTEXT 19 // nadinebatista.de


Screen background and wallpaper for laptops and PCs. Size 2560x1440px (16:9 aspect ratio).

YEARTEXT 19 // nadinebatista.de

Tablet Background

Screen background (portrait and landscape) for tablets. Size 1600x1200px (4:3 aspect ratio).

YEARTEXT 19 // nadinebatista.de


Story (Instagram & WhatsApp) or screen background for phones. Size 1080x1920px (16:9 aspect ratio).


The printable format is available in DIN A4 or US letter size. Use it as wall art or in scrapbooking, journaling, or on greeting cards.

YEARTEXT 19 // nadinebatista.de


Common European print format in 300dpi and CMYK color format.

US letter

Common US print format in 300dpi and CMYK color format.


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