Year Text 2019


The new year text for 2019 is a very special one for me and my family. My family and I are experiencing big changes in our lives this summer and we are all excited and scared at the same time. So, I am very happy with this year’s text. And, I want to share my hand-lettered year text with all of you!

I prepared a light version with red lettering on a very light blush background. In addition to that, I also created a little less girly version with white lettering on a dark grey background. I also made it into different formats so you can use it either digitally or as a printable.

This hand-lettered year text is entirely free for your personal use and you don’t have to credit me when used in social media. I would be extremely happy if you would still mention where you got the freebie from. Either with my website ( or tag my account on Instagram. But this is up to you!

Digital Use

The formats for digital use include the 16:9 laptop wallpaper, the 3:4 tablet screen background and the 9:16 story or phone background. All formats are available in light and dark version.



Screen background and wallpaper for laptops and PCs. Size 2560x1440px (16:9 aspect ratio).


Tablet Background

Screen background (portrait and landscape) for tablets. Size 1600x1200px (4:3 aspect ratio).



Story (Instagram & WhatsApp) or screen background for phones. Size 1080x1920px (16:9 aspect ratio).


The printable format is available in DIN A4 or US letter size. Use it as wall art or in scrapbooking, journaling, or on greeting cards.



Common European print format in 300dpi and CMYK color format.

US letter

Common US print format in 300dpi and CMYK color format.

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