I support brands, magazines, and small businesses to express their ideas and visualize projects, products, or articles. I particularly specialize in fashion or beauty illustration, editorial illustration, and minimalist art. Illustrations are having a huge revival at the moment, not only in the fashion and beauty industry but also in publishing. So, if you already have a concept for your next illustrated project, contact me by clicking the following button. If you’re still unsure or need more ideas or inspiration, read on.

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Nadine Batista Illustration
Nadine Batista Illustration

Do you still have questions like:
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Are you still unsure how to use illustrations for business? Or you have some amazing ideas but still need a concept how to implement them into your projects? Contact me to set up a consulting call.

SELVE MUNICH // first part of website illustrations for designer shoe label //

Hotel Mirabell //


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Recent illustrations and client projects

  • Spiritum Tulum

    Spiritum Tulum

    Recently I won a great giveaway (the second one in my entire life!) and I won a beautiful ruana and......

  • Nefertiti // collaboration


    Nefertiti is a creative duet with Germany based designer Deniz Pasaoglu. We wanted to do a cooperation for ages and then, ...

  • Booni Doon Calm Capsules

    Booni Doon

    Proudly presenting my latest commission for startup beauty label @boonidoon. I illustrated a seven-step how-to-guide for their Booni Doon ...

  • Cult Gaia

    Cult Gaia

    This is another cool project for Cult Gaia where art meets nonprofit help for children. Initiated by @turnaroundartsca and @joann_stores this challeng...

  • Très Rosé //

    Très Rosé

    Today I want to reveal a special project called Très Rosé that I have finished this week. The branding agency Stories Studio is hosting a Rosé them...

  • La Teinture Logo //

    La Teinture Logo

    Today I am proudly presenting a new project I am collaborating on with my sister. La Teinture is an online magazine for sustainable skincare and organ...

  • Art Catalogue Spring/Summer 2020 //

    Art Catalogue Spring 2020

    This is my new art catalogue Spring 2020. In this catalogue you will find all my artworks that are currently......

  • Beauty and Skincare Illustrations //

    Beauty and Skincare Illustrations

    Create beautiful and individual content for your Social Media platforms, your website, or campaigns with exclusive product illustration. Product illus...

  • Hotel Mirabell //

    Hotel Mirabell Munich

    In cooperation with agency Männer & Müller the new branding for the Munich based design Hotel Mirabell included four illustrations. ...