La Teinture Logo //

La Teinture Logo

Today I am proudly presenting a new project I am collaborating on with my sister. La Teinture is an online magazine for sustainable skincare and organic makeup. The name La Teinture (french for tincture) projects the image of an ancient perfumer using vintage apothecary glass bottles to mix natural ingredients. I used that idea to create the La Teinture log. It is showing the bottle with drops and the second drop turns into a leaf.

My sister Julia provided me with an accent and natural color and I took some photographs of olive trees in our garden because their foliage best matched the color scheme. Also, I will be doing the creative direction and product photography for this project, and I am excited and already have a thousand ideas!

La Teinture Logo //

Included Logo Variations

These two logo variations are in use. The first one is the main logo for website and social media profiles, and the second one the sub logo used e.g. as image watermarks.

La Teinture Logo
La Teinture Logo

La Teinture Magazine

So, now head over to @lateinture and follow her. My sister already prepared so much amazing content to be published and you will discover amazing skincare and beauty brands! The website is launching very soon!

La Teinture Product Photography //


Are you still unsure how to use illustrations for business? Or you have some amazing ideas but still need a concept how to implement them into your projects? Contact me to set up a consulting call.

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