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I am so happy to announce the start of my work for Ladyganics. Ladyganics is a start up label for artisan skincare. It offers vegan, cruelty free and organic beauty products. Here are a few descriptions of their philosophy and products:


At Ladyganics, we are crazy about health by holistic means. Too few are aware of therapeutic oils and the incredible qualities they possess from which much of modern medicine is derived, of the devastation wrought against nature through the use of unsustainable products and business practices, or of effective alternative antimicrobials such as that of silver in ionic form. We’ve decided to combine our passion for all of the above and offer our splendid products.


Our team of Russian-American formulators meticulously handcrafts our product in small batches here in the United States. Each and every bar of soap as well as a body elixir begins with the finest organic, Fair Traded and sustainably harvested base oils. The process continues with the addition of luxurious organic essential oils.

Support Initiative

At the end of each year, for your every bar purchased, Argenta Saponica makes a half-ounce donation directly to American shelters and refuge houses.

Love of Nature

We will always utilize ecologically friendly practices and sustainably sourced components at every step of our decision-making process, from manufacturing and aging to stocking and packaging. “Going green” is a lifestyle – one that we take seriously. All of our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, and all of our glass products and packaging components are made of 50% recycled glass that is also 100% recyclable. Our quest for better, more sustainable packaging solutions is an ongoing process; if you are a green packaging company and would like us to consider your product solutions, please see our contact information and let’s get started!

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