Spiritum Tulum

Spiritum Tulum

Recently I won a great giveaway (the second one in my entire life!) and I won a beautiful ruana and a wrap dress from mexican brand Spiritum Tulum. I absolutely love the brand and its amazingly textured fabrics. So as a thank you, I drew two illustrations and Spiritum Tulum. I hope you like them!

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Spiritum Tulum

The Brand Spiritum Tulum

Spiritum Tulum is a Mexican brand that represents the fusion of our passion for fashion and the art of native textiles. The brand promotes local artisan production and responsible consumption while respecting and caring for the people involved and nature. Their pieces of clothing are created with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk; and all the processes involved are sustainable. Every design has its own pattern in order to produce less textile waste. The collections are timeless so they could last in time creating contemporary and versatile designs that can be worn in every season.

The combination of the amazing job made by the artisans (especially women) from different Mexican native communities and the Spiritum design result in pieces of clothing and decorative objects with their own personality. Our philosophy is to reclaim the role of the local industry, the handmade labor of artisans who create with passion, dedication, and ethical values. All the manufacturing processes, such as patterns and design, are being done at our workshop in Playa del Carmen, 60 km away from Tulum. We count on different local workshop ́ collaboration as well. Nowadays, Spiritum offers a selection of pieces of clothing for men, women, accessories, and home decorative items. The women ́s collection is based on one-sized timeless dresses that emphasize femininity made of tie-dyed artisanal cotton, linen, cotton gauze, and rayon.


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