My dream studio

[vc_row row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” background_animation=”none” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every creative person, working with different materials is dreaming of a perfect atelier or studio to call your own! Where everything has it’s own place but where creative chaos is still welcome and is in fact inducing inspiration. Lots of light is coming in through huge windows and the concrete floor is covered with color splatter.

Obviously I don’t have a huge studio but only a very small office I share with my husband. That doesn’t always work out. My husband has an online radio ( and his mixing console, microphones and other stuff are also in our small little office room.

I need a lot of space for my papers, brushes, paint and ink, my computer, scanner and drawers. Additionally I need space to let my illustrations or typography dry. Our office is actually a dining room next to the kitchen and doesn’t even have a door so everybody is going in and out all day. So, it is not quite seldom I find a half eaten sandwich lying on my work or find muddy paw prints on my illustrations, that my cat left when he came home from a long stroll through the neighborhood in the rain.

That is why I am dreaming of a large and bright atelier I call my own with nobody else to access but me! For quite some time now, I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest on how my dream studio should look like. Today, I am sharing my ideas with you. A girl can dream, can’t she?



1 | Free Space


The most important criteria for my dream studio is lots of space on the floor and the walls where to spread and or present my works and materials.

Images: Tenka Gammelgaards studio photographed by Idha Lindhag | Dutch Delight


2 | Lots of natural light


To be able to work efficiently it is essential to have as much daylight as possible. There are good daylight lamps by now but natural light is still the best. So, I would nee huge windows or glass walls.

Images: Isabelle Tuchbands studio in Sao Paulo | Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Grachts studio, photographed by Jordi Huisman


3 | Drawers, drawers and more drawers


Numerous small and narrow drawers are perfect to archive art works and sketches and store materials like paper, markers, brushes and so on. I really love old and antique drawer cabinets which were built to store blue prints or old maps.

Images: Robin Standefer und Stephen Alesch s studio photographed by Ditte Isager | Hart & Co Homeware trends photographed by Sharyn Cairns | Kastaar Press


4 | Small storage

Despite lots of drawers you need additional storage to organize tools and materials you use often. It is needed to store them so you can find and use them easily. Empty glass bottles or cans can be used to organize brushes and pens. Utility carts can be moved to wherever you need it.

Images: IKEA | Tenka Gammelgaards studio photographed Idha Lindhag


5 | A huge desk

There should be a huge desk in every atelier or studio. It should offer enough space to work, place utensils and a computer or other office technology.

Images: InteriorJunkie | IKEA


6 | Book shelves

Furthermore you probably have a huge amount of books you need for research and inspiration. So, large shelves for books, magazines and documents should be within reach.

Images: | reading room of Miles Red


7 | Plants

Last but not least, plants should not be missing in your office. Plants and flowers bring a natural atmosphere and clear the air. Every room looks totally different if there are several plants in it.

Images: KPM photographed by

Tip: You have to visit the links of the image sources and see more beautiful images of some really awesome interiors.

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