Nefertiti // collaboration


Nefertiti is a creative duet with Germany based designer Deniz Pasaoglu. We wanted to do a cooperation for ages and then, a couple of weeks ago we decided on the topic Nefertiti. I instantly had countless ideas but I had to finish up some commissions first.

In the first picture, you see my illustration of how I would imagine Nefertiti looking today.

Nefertiti // collaboration
Nefertiti collaboration

On this image you see both of our designs and I absolutely love how both illustrations are so completely different and yet they fit perfectly together. I especially love how Deniz’ version has clear lines and it has such powerful patterns. It is a statement artwork!

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The last picture shows some inspiration I used for this project. When I did some research about the Egyptian queen beforehand, I of course found photographs of the popular and beautiful bust of Nefertiti. Also, the model Imaan Hammam with Egyptian roots came into my mind and somehow she became my muse for this drawing. I could so see her as Nerfertiti. Just imagine her dressed up with a white long and flowy dress and bold jewelry roaming the huge Egyptian palace with a pet cheetah while ordering around her servants. I mean, look at her nose and the profile of her face! At first I wanted to draw her face profile but then I decided that she should look at the viewer.
How do you like our duet? I should definitely do that more often, don’t I? Do you suggest any topics? With whom should I do my next creative duet?

Nefertiti Inspiration


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