Logo illustration and sub marks
Summer 2020

Aida Djapo Muharemovic (artist name: Idda van Munster) is a Bosnian artist known for her vintage and folkloric photography.

I have been a long time fan of hers, so I was quite excited and honored to be able to work for her on that project.

The Project Brief

Develop an illustrated logo including variations for the website, art prints and packaging material. The logo should incorporate her love for fashion and vintage style. However, the logo should still fit into our modern world.

Idda van Munster -
Idda van Munster -
Idda van Munster -

Inspiration: some of my favorite images of her

Usually I don’t design standalone logos without cooperating with a branding designer, but I really wanted to make it work. My first thoughts and ideas included her love for hats (which I can totally relate to), her lips and the vintage theme. Ultimately, I wanted to develop a logo that looked like a modern cameo brooch. Her artist name should be included in her own handwriting and the color scheme should be a peachy beige or blush with black pencil outlines.

The Final Result

The final logo consists of a main logo including several variations for the use on the website, on art prints, on social media and packaging. 
(Photography by Aida Djapo Muharemovic)

IDM logo 01
Idda van Munster Logo Variations

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