SISTER MAG // to catch a thief //

SISTER MAG // to catch a thief

Do you know the gorgeous free digital magazine sisterMAG? It covers a variety of subjects, for instance, fashion, food, DIY, and lifestyle as well as digital trends. sisterMAG addresses well-educated and independent women who are enthusiastic about the digital world. In addition to that, I love to read about these topics in an appealing design. I was more than excited to contribute some illustrations to the 39th issue. The first one is a poster illustration of the classic movie To catch a thief. It shows Cary Grant and Grace Kelly with Nice in the background. Elements of the illustrations are used throughout the entire article. Additionally, read a small interview with me after the table of contents. Furthermore, read about the other article I illustrated Three Artists and the Color Blue.

Scroll down to flip through the article. Alternatively, you can download the sisterMag app for free on your tablet and browse through the issues. This is the illustration and two variations for the article:

SISTER MAG // to catch a thief //

SISTER MAG // to catch a thief //

Flip through the article

You are a magazine editor and need illustrations for your next issues? I specialize in editorial and fashion illustration. If you want to hire me please CONTACT me to discuss conditions and prices.

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