Two forrest illustrations for L’Oreal & NABU
October 2021

L’Oreal Germany and NABU (German nature conservation association) cooperated on an amazing project called Nachhaltig Schön (sustainably beautiful). The forest illustrations project was commissioned by Sister Mag Studio; a content creation agency from Berlin, that I work for on a regular basis.

The Project Brief

 Illustrate two different forest situations in watercolor style using the project colors. One situation should depict a commercial forest and the other one a natural forest. Both illustrations would be used in a comparison slider.

The Final Result

Both illustrations have the spruce tree in the middle so that the comparison slider still looks consistent although they are two completely different situations. The natural forest contains a lot of interesting details. For example, the woodpecker sitting in the middle tree, a fox hiding behind some deadwood and the beautiful bob cat on the left side. Did you find the details?

Forest Illustrations L'Oreal Forest Illustrations L'Oreal

On the clients website

Do you want to see both illustrations live on the clients website? Check it out!

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