Illustrated Fragrance Wheel for Duftstars
November 2021

Sister Mag Studio commissioned me to illustrate the fragrance wheel for Duftstars, the most prestigious German Perfume Award.

The Project Brief

The fragrance wheel consists of fourteen parts, explaining the different perfume scents. The illustrated wheel should be part of an explanatory article on Duftstar’s website. Also, the background colors were already set. And, each illustration should focus on one ore more main ingredients for the respective scent.

The Result

Sister Mag Studio did an amazing job with the layout of the project. I love how the illustrations are part of the wheel and are shown in detail throughout the article. You can see the illustrations in the following graphic. Also, I included the link the the article underneath. 

Fragrance Wheel Duftstars

On the clients website

Do you want to see the illustrations live on the clients website? Check it out! (It’s in German)

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